Staffing Agency

Similar to Recruiting Agency, a Staffing agency aims to hire competent, creative, and skilled Candidates. 

However, the criteria for selecting them are not the same as in Recruiting Agency. In Staffing Agency, the workers do not need to be qualified or highly skilled, but they must be active to perform their short-term roles. 

Usually, the employees under the staffing model are the ones who are actively looking for job opportunities and don’t mind doing a primary or repetitive task that allows them to generate a stable income. 

For instance, the workers should engage and expect a role that will last anywhere from one week to six-month; the working hours depend on the project. 

Temporary Staffing Toronto
Temporary Staffing Toronto

The budget is limited in the Staffing Agency model, but opportunities are available to a broader range of people.

Due to these reasons, they do not require qualified skills and do not have any special requirements regardless of physical agility. 

Additionally, good agencies like Amigo Workforce organize a candidate pool to fill various roles and cover a certain number of placements daily. To maintain their pool, the agencies have to contact their Candidates and engage them with their agency. 

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