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Virtual assistance for you and your company

Are you ready to take your career to another level in Canada? At Amigo workforce,

we assist you globally in finding employment in various areas. 

Amigo remote workforce agent service provider:

We assist job hunters and firms in distant or remote staff by linking them with excellent, long-term employment prospects. Unlike other job agencies, our global network, combined with specialized local knowledge, positions us to connect bright international individuals with some of Canada’s and the world’s most reputable companies.

If you need help with pre-boarding, onboarding, and managing remote staff, you’ve landed in the right place.

Amigo workforce realizes the value of physical distance and the capacity to supervise employees remotely. We can screen, shortlist, and choose top talent using our range of recruiting technology tools while also offering a secure and helpful applicant experience.

Temporary Staffing Toronto
Temporary Staffing Toronto

Why recruit remote workers ?

Amigo can find the top talent match for your company. Remote recruitment makes it fast, reliable, cost-savvy, and overall effective.

We have the ideal option for candidates to work securely from home, regardless

of their demands or services.

According to research, employees with more employment flexibility are more engaged and passionate about their work.

Rapid Hiring: Our team will find talented remote workers with the unique talents and expertise you require to operate remotely.

Remote Work Made Simple: Throughout your stay with us, our team will be accessible to assist you.

Hire Team Members: The AMIGO workforce can help you find skilled people to review, question, and test for free.

Cost savings vary between 50 and 65% when hiring locally. Employ people available in your time zone and during your working hours.

What are you looking for?

Temporary, Permanent, or Contractual jobs

Temporary Staffing Toronto

We recruit for various remote jobs as casual, temporary, and part-time jobs, in addition to permanent positions. 

Keep projects moving while keeping data secure.

Every remote candidate receives a secure virtual workstation to begin projects quickly and safely.

Easily onboard new employees

Our recruiting experts will help your new hires get up to speed and ensure a smooth onboarding experience.

Delivering Global Value

We can support you in outsourcing your Talent acquisition, recruiting process or supply chain management. You can find the best-fit candidates while reducing costs and time by using AMIGO’s complete recruitment agency solutions:

Our services provide the following advantages:

Temporary Staffing Toronto

Highly personalized Cloud-based Solutions

We pair your impacted staff with the right advisor for their particular needs – regardless of location – and give tailored content that meets their specific needs at each stage of their transition. Our career transition programs are tailored according to the needs of today’s workforce: they are incredibly innovative, customized, and result-oriented. To help accelerate time to placement, our solutions are built on a foundation of modern, proprietary, cloud-based outplacement technology.

Temporary Staffing Toronto

Safe Virtual Workspace

We can easily set up a secure virtual workplace so remote workers can access your programs and data on their laptops or tablets.

Speed and agility

Reap the benefits of speed and agility with a secure virtual workplace set up. Enable your remote workers to access your programs and data on their laptops or tablets with ease. Ensure productivity and collaboration with a secure virtual workplace that offers fast and reliable access to your data and programs.

Ease of Use

Installation couldn't be more straightforward. Once completed, remote talent can simply log in and go.


Each workspace is created with cutting-edge security solutions and supported by Amigo's Security Operations Centre (open 24/7).

Provide Remote Employees Connected To Your Organization's Network

Our professional recruitment agency team can assist you whether you needed. Learn more about the backgrounds and expertise of our Amigo workforce team.