Recruiting agency manufacture of prepared meals Toronto


Amigo WorkForce is your go-to agency for temp recruiting and staffing in the manufacture of prepared meals in Toronto. We’ve developed a company on our passions – people, meals, and service – for more than a decade.

Amigo WorkForce understands the needs of food professionals, and we are the industry’s national leaders and preferred suppliers in Toronto.

Through the supply chain, groceries, and production, we provide govt, education, businesses, senior care, hospitals, hotels, and the catering industry with the best staff in the manufacturing of prepared meals. We can provide temporary or permanent workers to wrap, pack, store and distribute, develop and prepare meals and serve you around the clock.
We have the best additional and temporary placement staff ready when our clients need them, from sous-chefs to banquet servers, bartenders, servers, vendors, housekeepers, and nearly the whole food staffing for the manufacturing of prepared meals in Toronto. Our top objective is to supply you with the top performers possible so you can concentrate on your primary business.

Our staff is hired on the basis of their qualifications. Each employee is screened, all paperwork is handled, and general insurance coverage is handled by us.
Hundreds of employers rely on us for staffing solutions, and thousands of workers rely on us for the ideal job. Our expert team collaborates with each client to provide a staffing solution that is tailored to their specific requirements and budget.

We know what you need and have the manpower to make it happen.