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As a recruiting agency based in Toronto we understand this marketplace. Our main goal is to give suitable applicants to companies requiring non-employee temporary positions. Traditionally, agencies provided vast personnel to major firms; however, most of them have evolved to offer full-time roles and temp–to–hire placements in recent years. In all of these circumstances, the temp agency Toronto acts as a de facto head of the human resources department. For its customers, the agency coordinates recruiting both short–term and long–term staff.

In addition to reference checks, background checks, skills training, and drug testing, temp agencies also provide these services to more extensive and all-inclusive enterprises.

The temp agency employment model applies to all employees, including temp-to-hire, part-time, and seasonal workers. Job seekers often approach these agencies first, with highly qualified candidates being sought for specialized areas of specialty. The candidate may or may not be accepted after completing the application and interview procedure.

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