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These are our frequently asked questions, aka FAQs.

When you work with AMIGO Workforce, you can expect the utmost professionalism and secrecy.

We are entirely devoted to providing outstanding service throughout and after your engagement with us. However, you may have some queries regarding our work Agency and how we can assist you in hiring the best personnel.

e remain committed to providing the best recruitment solutions in Toronto to businesses and individuals.

AMIGO Workforce is one of Toronto’s premier employment companies, providing permanent, contract, and remote working recruitment options.

Job seekers’ FAQs

Working with us can save you a lot of time, money, and resources that you would have spent on the hiring process otherwise. Allow our headhunters to locate the finest candidates for your post based on their expertise and current networks, so you can focus on what you do best: developing your business.

We are a direct-contact recruitment service, which means we don’t just post your job on the internet. We carefully seek the superstars who will make a significant contribution to your squad. Our headhunters realise that the best people are actively recruited rather than looking for their next job. That means we don’t just deliver the best people on the market; we provide the greatest people on the market.

Yes, our employment agency can help you with both temporary and permanent placements.

Temporary, contract and permanent placements, seasonal personnel, contract employees, bilingual recruitment, and executive searches are just a few of the services we provide to meet your needs. Regardless of your staffing needs, we will work with you to find the best options as quickly as possible.

 To find local and foreign talent, our recruiters use a variety of resources. With the assistance of our web databases, we can devise innovative methods of attracting and finding qualified candidates to fill the positions our clients need to be filled. We use social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram to increase awareness about open positions. By using these tools, we can also get a better understanding of each potential applicant’s work experience, personality, and likes/dislikes.

The reason for this is that recruiting firms take the time to learn all of the qualifications you’re looking for in a candidate as well as your company’s values, and then we use that information to match you with the best people for your organization. We take care of all the tedious aspects of hiring new employees while keeping you in the loop.


Recruitment companies can help people searching for employment and those who create them find the ideal fit. Whether you’re an employer or an applicant, consider the following aspects when selecting a recruiting agency

Recruiting changes with time, and staffing solutions adapt as well. Check whether the agency has the right technology, contacts, and consultants who are up to date on the newest recruitment trends.

A recruiting agency’s ability to make successful hiring is a good indicator of its quality. This covers their retention rate and the number of applicants per vacant job.

If you’re an employer, find out how quickly they can get you the people you need. While speed is usually preferable, assess whether the turnaround time is realistic enough to attract enough people.

More isn’t necessarily better in areas of expertise. Most recruiting firms specialise in a single place, which means they know all there is to know about that market.


Temp agencies and recruiters might be considered opposing extremes of the job placement continuum. On the one hand, there are temporary staffing agencies. Temp agencies are well-known to most individuals (at least from TV). These services help businesses locate temporary labour for short or extended periods. A job seeker may work for a temp agency for a long time, even indefinitely. 


Recruiters are on the other end of the spectrum. Businesses engage recruiting agencies to identify the ideal candidate for a particular permanent post.

Employment agencies occupy a medium ground. Amigo Workforce matches job searchers with opportunities that are usually permanent but can also be temporary (or temp-to-hire).

Simply, you’re taking a service with professionals who know what they’re doing. Amigo Workforce engages directly with organisations and candidates, as an outcome, we have a greater understanding of the employee skills as well as we make sure to understand what are your real needs.

One main benefit that our service offers you is peace of mind, you delegate the difficult part of the work to us. We will take care of the entire process under your own conditions, which will give you more time to attend to other areas of your company.

No, take in mind that we bear all the expenses involved in the selection process and also our service comes with a warranty. Only once you hire a worker through Amigo Workforce, you will pay a standard rate per hour worked. Therefore, you will be saving all the expenses associated with the selection process, the time and effort that it involves.

Working with Amigo Workforce will give you the security that each candidate sent during the selection process meets each of your organisation’s requirements. Likewise, once you have placed an employee through us, we offer a 24/7 service to respond to any eventuality that may arise while the worker remains in your organisation. For example, if the candidate or the worker can not attend an interview, appointment or laboral hours we can send you a substitute.

Many of our actual clients already had another agency when they started to work with us. We remind you that our system works as a free trial since we do not charge until we have successfully placed a worker in your organisation, so you can evaluate all the benefits we offer. In 95% of cases, clients end up choosing our services over those of other agencies.

Unlike any other employment agency, with us you have a premium satisfaction guarantee and 24/7 support service, this is what differentiates us from the others. Remember that also, you can evaluate our work without initial investments and you will only pay the standard rate once the employee is placed in your organisation. Likewise, we provide assistance in the event of any eventuality that may appear with the worker while he is working for you.

No, our innovative recruitment system is pretty effective. For us, placing an employee in your organisation takes between 48 hours to  5 days once you provide us all the details of your search.

A recruiting firm typically charges a one-time fee of 15% to 25% of the hired candidate’s yearly pay for direct hiring. Payments may also be determined by the scope of recruiting services provided per project, the schedule, and the number of candidates seeking. For example, if the position earns $100,000 per year, the remuneration varies from $15,000 to $25,000. However, depending on the payment system accessible to them, some companies may pay a set rate.


Instead, Amigo workforce offers you a standard rate per hour worked that you can decide if this will be cover for you or it will be subtracted from the salary of your employee. You will be covered with a substitute in case your worker fails and 24/7 assistance for any issue that could arise. 

Our client portfolio benefited from our extensive experience in the Toronto market in searching for and recruiting Executive Management roles and Professionally Trained Advisors. We often recruit for the following positions:

Business Services, Advisory, Shipping & Delivery, Financial Controller, Audit, Risk, Marketer, Business Manager.

Our customer concentration is in the commercial and industrial sectors and professional and financial services.

Our customer in various sectors is broad and diverse, despite being classified as ‘Small and Medium Enterprises (SME). We also have extensive experience handling more giant corporations.

Our clients appreciate the extensive knowledge of our specialty sectors (Finance, IT, HR, and Leadership), which gives us an advantage when seeking and recruiting the most brilliant candidates.

If you are exploring recruiting talented individuals, whether Accountants or Executive Leadership, please get in touch with us at (647) 558-8885 or email and we will begin the process shortly.

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