Tower Rigger

Job description

We are looking for a skilled Tower Rigger with existing experience in Tower Construction, Antenna and Line Installations, Microwave Installations, and Tower Modifications.

Temporary Staffing Toronto


Responsible for the installation of structures of any kind.

Install various components and accessories on a tower with some supervision, including, antennas, transmission lines, lighting system, protection system against lightning.

Working and being safe at all times

Perform maintenance and repair as required.

Perform emergency repairs and restoration of services when required.

Ensure and complete all the other activities required for the successful.

implementation of the project.

Additional Skills

Climb and work aloft on poles, ladders or other support structures
Work Site Environment

Work Site Environment


At heights.

✓ Work Conditions and Physical Capabilities.

✓ Handling heavy loads.

✓ Physically demanding.

Manual dexterity.

Attention to detail

Tight deadlines

Job Type: Full-time

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