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We are looking for Plumber Plumbers are responsible for a wide range of activities, from unclogging drains and installing new fixtures to maintaining complex piping systems in residential and commercial properties, power plants, water treatment facilities, and waste disposal plants. If you’re thinking about becoming a plumber, read on to learn more about what they do and what specialties you can pursue.

Plumbers are primarily responsible for installing and maintaining various types of piping systems and fixtures, but the exact responsibilities depend on the particular project. All plumbers must be able to follow blueprints, work with plumbing tools, and select the right materials for each job. For new construction projects, plumbers may also need to design piping systems from scratch.

Plumbers often need to do basic carpentry to access pipes inside walls or brace them to keep them in place. You will also weld, solder, and attach fittings together when necessary. Depending on the job, you might need to use other tools as well such as saws or power drills.

Job description

Install, maintain, troubleshoot and repair various piping systems including chilled water, steam, air, gas, high and low pressure steam lines, heating systems, air compressors, or pneumatic controls. May refer to blueprints and schematics. Utilize computer for work or purchase orders and communication with customers.

Job Type: Full-time

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