Landscapers, also known as Landscape Designers, are in charge of coming up with innovative outdoor areas and collaborating with other landscape professionals to make their ideas a reality in the form of public parks and gardens. Some of their day-to-day responsibilities include planting flowers and trees, trimming bushes, and making sure that benches, fountains, fences and walking paths are all set up properly.

Job description

Working outside during the summer with general light labour, installing lawn sprinkler and landscape lighting.

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Landscaper Duties and Responsibilities

A Landscaper position is typically under the direction of Professional Grounds Managers and completes a variety of tasks to achieve a functional and pleasant outdoor area. They may also care for indoor gardens and plants in public and commercial facilities such as botanical gardens, malls and hotels. 

A job description for a Landscaper may contain the following duties and responsibilities:

Responsibilities Include:

Moving, securing, installing, building, and loading or unloading materials

Assisting in the building or construction of various things

Some specialized tasks may require on-the job training, which we provide

Effectively using heavy and light equipment, depending on the jobsite/assignment

Moving items from place to place, according to direction from the site supervisor

Moving dirt or other material as directed in plans or by supervisor

Job Type: Full-time

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