Automotive Parts Specialist

Edmonton, Alberta

Job Description

In-store team members take pride in providing excellent customer service and they have strong
knowledge of car or heavy vehicle parts. They offer advice, support our operations, and allow us to provide our customers with everything they need.

Share your passion for the industry with our loyal customers by becoming the face and voice of our stores.
No matter the division, our parts specialists know their stuff. They’re friendly, resourceful, and a bit too modest!
In addition to giving expert advice, they support global operations and are essential in providing quality service to our customers.

We offer a range of attractive benefits and corporate discounts as well as training throughout your career to support and guide your attractive benefits and corporate discounts, as well as training throughout your career to support and guide your professional development.

In this key role, you will:

Advise customers in person and over the phone on our parts and accessories.
Place orders and follow up with customers.
Offer your expertise and knowledge on replacement parts and accessories.
 Create strong and lasting relationships with our customers
Provide excellent after-sales service.

To join our team, you need:

 Excellent communication skills and aptitude for sales
Good priority management and listening skills.
Interest in new technologies and continuous training.
Customer-oriented approach and team spirit.
Ability to lift up to 18 kg (40 lb.).
High school diploma and/or training in automotive sales or heavy vehicle. 

Parts equipment sales.


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