Camera Operator

Location: Muskoka (Filming), Toronto (Base)


  • Operate cameras and related equipment proficiently during filming, ensuring high-quality footage.
  • Collaborate closely with the director and cinematographer to capture the desired visual content.
  • Execute smooth camera movements and angles as per the director’s vision.
    Manage and maintain camera gear, ensuring proper functionality throughout the shoot.


  • Proven experience as a Camera Operator in film or related projects.
  • Proficiency in handling various camera types and equipment.
  • Strong understanding of cinematography principles and framing techniques.
  • Adaptability to changing shooting conditions and environments.
  • Estimated Shooting Days: The filming is scheduled for the last week of February.

Production Note: This is a non-union independent production.

Location Note: The primary filming location will be in Muskoka, while the base of operations is situated in Toronto.

This addition clarifies the production’s union status, emphasizing that it is a non-union independent production. This information can be crucial for potential applicants considering the role.