Actor for Key Role in Horror Thriller Film

Dive into an exhilarating horror thriller film set in a mysterious Muskoka hotel, based in Toronto. Follow a group of teenagers entangled in chilling events during their stay.

Role: Male Lead (Teenager)

Description: We’re searching for a talented actor to portray a confident, charismatic, yet haunted teenager. This pivotal role demands an actor who can navigate suspenseful and intense scenes while maintaining a nuanced emotional depth.


  • Previous experience in horror, thriller, or suspense genres preferred.
  • Capability to embody the complexities of a teenage character authentically.
  • Availability for filming in Muskoka during last week of February.


Audition Details:

Date: last week of February
Location: Muskoka
Prepare a monologue or scene showcasing emotional depth and resilience.

Submission Instructions:

Submit headshots, resumes, and reels (if available) to [Casting Director’s Contact].
Include “Horror Thriller Film – Lead Audition” in the subject line.
Production Notes:

This is an independent production based in Toronto, filming in Muskoka during the last week of February.
This job posting aims to attract actors who can authentically portray the lead role in a horror thriller film set in a Muskoka hotel. It provides specific details about the character, requirements, and audition process. Adjustments can be made based on specific preferences or additional details about the character or filming requirements